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EdSight works with educators and administrators to guide students toward college and career readiness by giving them the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the EdSight team has over 175 years of combined experience in the education sector. EdSight’s signature product, Campus2Careers, has been implemented in over 250 school districts, and the company is continuously developing new products that empower educators to improve student achievement.


  • Campus2Careers™
  • Graduation Audit Plan System™
  • Online Course Selection
  • Online Enrollment
  • Custom Package
  • Product Training




Software-As-A-Service Product: Campus2Careers™

A College & Career Readiness Platform

Campus2Careers™ (C2C) enables middle school, high school, and college students to take Career Interest Inventory assessments, explore careers, and manage their Graduation Plans. The C2C platform integrates with multiple SIS systems for easier data sharing and student account management.

Some key features include:

  • Virtual Resumes/ePortfolios – Rich digital profiles to capture student, staff, and local employer information. These profiles move with the student into college and career and will serve as an eportfolio and virtual resume.
  • Career Interest Inventory – Robust Career Interest Inventory aligned to Career Clusters. Students can take this assessment multiple times each year and track their “likes” and “dislikes”.
  • Career Cluster Report – Downloadable RIASEC reports based upon the John L. Holland Occupational Theme.

Software-As-A-Service Product: PROGRESS™

For your team to make rigorous and thoughtful improvements, you depend on having the right data at the right time, collaborating with the right people and continual actions that result in measurable improvements. PROGRESS™ will move you beyond the data silos and enable quicker results that are powered by the right data at the right time.

Some key features include:

  • Dashboards Analytics from all identified district systems (see above in System Integrations Included in Proposal)
  • Customized Key Performance Indicator alerts (KPIs) with automated reports emailed daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Custom developed reports or dashboard widgets: five for each source system included
  • Product Training & Customer Support
  • Communication Tools to share reports to district and campus administrators, counselors, teachers, and parents

Software-As-A-Service Product: Graduation Audit Plan System™ (GAPS)

Save Counselors hundreds of hours each year reviewing and updating each student’s personal graduation plan. Eliminate errors created by manual entry and give students greater control of their own graduation plan.

With EdSight Technology’s GAPS™ solution, educators get up-to-date reports for students, classes, campuses, districts and can set notifications to monitor and alert when students reach an at-risk state. Additionally, it is easy to initiate action plans, set goals, monitor status and review progress.

Software-As-A-Service Product: Online Course Selection

Online Course Selection provides districts with an automated way to manage their students’ course, pathway, and endorsement selections while managing parent approvals through a digital or printed signature, which can be attached to the student’s course selection. Online Course Selection will save counselors weeks in manually keying in course selections for registration.

Some key features include:

  • Importing, from your systems, the district and campus level courses and endorsement pathway mappings
  • Exporting, for your systems, all of the student course, endorsement pathway and campus selections for registration
  • Online counselor and parent approvals
  • Online reports based on student selection data
  • Integrated with our Continuous Improvement tool-set that enables you to use data to be aware of progress, to understand any bottlenecks and to initiate and manage improvement actions to increase success

Software-As-A-Service Product: Online Enrollment

EdSight Technology’s Online Enrollment Management Tool improves the complete enrollment experience, reducing your cost and effort and enabling your district to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in open enrollment. With a superior experience from first impression when a parent applies, through the matching, notification and registration steps, Online Enrollment provides an increased ease of use for your parents and staff. 

Some key features include:

  • Application – The physical application is a parent’s first impression of your school. Online Enrollment is easy to use: eliminating in-person meetings, manual data entry by your staff, and enabling communications with parents to assist with incomplete applications.
  • Matching – Your district can choose from a variety of matching approaches, including lotteries, with tailored settings specific for your district.
  • Acceptance Notification and Registration – Online Enrollment will notify your parents of matching decisions and prompt them to complete the final steps in registration.

Implementation Service: Custom Consulting Services, Software Integration or Development

Uses Including, But Not Limited To:

  1. For the EdSight: PROGRESS™ module
    • One-time integration to enable Connected Data™ integration for E-Learning or Assessment Systems. Typically five (5) source systems, with one (1) being the district SIS
  2. For the EdSight: Graduation Audit Plan System™ (GAPS) module
    • One-time setup to work with district administrators to identify data required to power GAPS™ and customize the district reports
  3. For Custom Consulting and Services for Evidence-Driven Continuous Improvement of Secondary Instruction or Secondary Program
    • Consulting in data literacy and the use of data to drive decisions making methodologies
    • Licensed use of EdSight platform, tools and technologies

Implementation Service: Product Training (Full Day or By-the-Hour)

Training to provide professional development for teachers, counselors, and administrators. Training will include lessons/activities for using the software. Training can be provided on-site or remotely via web conferencing.

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